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Random object inventory bug

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This is seriously worrying.

I was preparing a new series of trees for sale when I suddenly discovered that one of them had become no transfer. When I checked it turned out it contained several hundred objects from my inventory. There is absolutely no way I could have dragged these items into there by accident. They are a seemingly random selection from completely different folders and there are two copies of a few of them. The only way I could have done it accidentally is if I had dragged the entire main folder with more than 27,000 items onto the tree and if that happened, I'm sure I would have noticed the inevitable flood of error messages.

The items in the tree's inventory includes full perm copies of several of my other builds and also a few commercial textures I don't have the right to give away to others. The only reason I discovered the bug is that there also was a single no transfer object (a Caspervend vendor) in the mix.

What on earth am I going to do about this? Can I be absolutely sure this is a one time glitch or are there other incidents without any telltale no transfer objects? I can't risk distributing items in this state of course and checking the inventory of each and every mesh in each and every linkset before I list them for sale is easily several months of full time work.

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