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Looking for RP partners and friends to live on my (medieval/fantasy) homestead and start a small community.

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Hey SL denizens. 

I recently picked up a homestead to enjoy and build but I'm not really sure if I have the desire to nurture a proper RP sim community (as I recognise the insane amount of work that goes into building and running a growing one) and would much rather have a smaller group of tight knit roleplayers who want to RP, run stories, and be part of a little community with me. Here are some lazy bullet points of information:

  •  The setting I've built is medieval fantasy with a lean into Steampunk as the highest possible tech. Sim is currently a pair of islands with forests / ponds / lakes and a small town square and a temple. Construction is (mostly) done but there are still some seams and interiors to finish or add. 
  •  I'm plan to GM stories (and have a lot of ideas) but I would love if someone else had the GMing bug and wanted to run stories as well so we could share and tell stories as a group 
  • The plan is for this setting to be fairly open-ended with a focus on adventure and dealing with mysterious threats 
  • I'd really like to let a few people live on the sim, have Rez rights (likely granted after I get to know you) and be able to set up a home. I do not want to charge rent. Just looking for like-minded folks looking for somewhere to RP and live ❤️
  • Currently not asking for applications but have rules about the sorts of characters / power / etc is permitted. This might change. 
  • The sim is rated adult and child avatars are not permitted, sorry. 
  • I have set up the sim to be able to change season, to keep everything fresh. 

Here is the short-form of the setting:

Welkin Sanctuary is a strange cross-roads between realms, a valley with mountains shrouded in mist with relics of a long-forgotten sky goddess dotting the snowy peaks. Here an isolated but mostly abandoned village and temple remains maintained by the few that call this place their home. 

Nearly anyone can come to the Sanctuary, and many do by accident. A dimensional door gone awry, a portal in a lake, a dream... No one knows the road to Sanctuary. Sanctuary finds them and opens her gates to those she sees worthy and unique. She holds no prisoners and those who have arrived may move freely to and from her lands at will. It only takes a desire to see her skies again to return. 

Most technology does not work in Sanctuary. While some have found use with steam engines or other manual machines, anything more advanced than that will fail. The air is thick with magic, and beasts of great power and myth fill the skies. 

Some images are attached but I made a small gallery here that shows a bit of the build. 


You can find the rules and information if you pop in world to see my work:

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Expresso Island/145/111/2994

You can also poke me in world if you want. ❤️ I just want a nice little RP group.





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I paid a visit this morning, and appreciated the comfy cushions to sit on while reading the mercifully short information notecards.  I found the build to be lovely, with just enough eclecticism to prove that some odd things are going on.  The dragon retreat is charming.  The Adult rating deters me from taking part but I do like the concept and wish you well with the project.

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Thanks for the kind words, Garnet! I'm really glad you enjoyed exploring my fun project :)

I suppose I didn't clarify in the first post that the adult rating is primarily there to avoid long-term issues with any adult themes that may come up in plotlines, but the focus is not adult situations in the stories. Definitely understand that won't be for everyone. ❤️

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 305 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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