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My friend is using an RP tool to make it appear as though her avis are posting on their own as it helps her immersion, she does something with the tool and it posts something in chat for her like any other object, except my other friend cannot see any of the RP tool's posts.

My friend is the only person who cannot see posts from the RP tool, she doesn't have it blocked/ blacklisted, and "route ||ownersay to script debug window" in her preferences is unchecked, I've tried reaching out to the maker of the tool and she had no answers, the friend using the tool tried getting a different tool but the problem persists, has anyone else had this issue, does anyone know how to solve this?? Thanks in advance

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If someone standing beside your 'other' friend can hear it and your 'other' friend cannot... then your other friend has done something to block that device. The 'someone' beside your 'other' friend will show the SL system and person speaking are all working.

If that is the case, have the 'other' friend down load an alternate viewer and try it. See what happens.

If the 'other' friend is using Firestorm then have them download the default SL Viewer. People should always have it installed for troubleshooting as the Lab won't provide support to people using 3rd-Party viewers.

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