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Private 2048 sqm "Little Island" 703 prims - Short stay/Vacation/RP/Family are welcome! 2Side protected water SAILABLE + 330sqm

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SM Estate is glad to introduce this 2048 sqm island located in Vinula.
This solution suits a great variety of people, from those who likes to sail to those that want to have a private and romantic spot to share with their beloved, family or friends.
Can be used for short stay (min 3 days) or long term with no limits. For short stay you will be able to rez your own stuff (still plenty of prims available) but not to change the shape and what is there, for long stay (More than 2 weeks) you can remove everything and making as you like.

Family and RPlayers are welcome and some RP can be arranged for you (boat pick up , dinner services etc..).

There is a possibility to swim to the sea with animation provided there but also to sail as there is plenty of protected water just in front that goes untill the open sea.

Prices are variable, depending from your stay and the service that you want and we can discuss this in private and arrange it based on the situation.

This spot can be enjoyable and usable for different situation, come there and just have a look. Send me a message inworld from the board located there or write me directly with an IM or notecard with your requests.

There is a chance for those who wants to do it to get also another 330sqm in anoter location, in Crameri, also there 2x protected road and water parcel, sailable sea in the Corsica continent.


For visits: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Vinula/86/141/22


And enjoy your stay in Ischia!Snapshot_007.thumb.jpg.95a492dc04fe3dd45fd4f87d3c44db25.jpgSnapshot_004.thumb.jpg.a4edb1c09aee850a9141191148b043c2.jpgSnapshot_006.thumb.jpg.30adfbd0ea11ff2b972e889112fbb605.jpgSnapshot_007.thumb.jpg.95a492dc04fe3dd45fd4f87d3c44db25.jpgSnapshot_007.thumb.jpg.95a492dc04fe3dd45fd4f87d3c44db25.jpgSnapshot_008.thumb.jpg.156b83da3ebb05ac0fdbf0cd18dbeacf.jpg

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 72 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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