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Stex Auer

Blake Sea History. Tales of an imaginary sea

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How can an imaginary sea become a place of professionalism, a market full of opportunities, a place to live? These are the first three interviews with men and women who are making the history of Blake's sea.

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The Bald Elf Ey Ren is one of the adventurous Second Life residents who experienced the phase of the first expansion of the Blake Sea.
Like many pioneers he set out on his adventure without a precise purpose, working day by day with passion he built his goal in the company of his community.
Ey Ren: Blake Sea History #3

I knew the sea of Blake from Jacqueline’s boats. I fell in love with the sea in Second Life by browsing her blog, discovering her boats, testing them at sea.
Jacqueline Trudeau: Blake Sea History #2

 Vanity Bonetto, founder and CEO of Luxory ad Willowdale Estate and now also of Second Norway, a forward-thinking Berlin girl who in twelve years (she’s been in SL since 2007) has grown Luxory from a small property to one of Second Life’s leading real estate operators with hundreds of regions and thousands of residents.
Vanity Bonetto: Blake Sea History #1

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1 hour ago, Caroline Takeda said:

Very Cool.

I always was a fan of blake sea (used to live on the Ibiza Island).
Time to get my little Yacht out again.


Sounds good, Caroline!

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