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There are a lot of reasons why some people make them. For one it might  be about playing as something totally different and you dont want that associated with your main account. Some people dont want

There are those that use mains to do nefarious things.

Because not everyone is an hypersexual escort aka prostitute.

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I guess its the same reason that people make up pseudo personalities online... They are hiding themselves, cant be honest with themselves, cant be honest with surroundings, list goes on and on. There is a quite interesting amount of literature on the matter of pseudo personalities... But the conclusions come up to being more about being able to accept oneself or those around them not being able to. Saying that, there are people that use alts for other means also.... Like when I used another chat client, I have/had multiple nicknames until I found the one that fit me most(mind you they were reflective of my state and also my mentality at the time and were more descriptive than most believe). So there are those that are still searching for their own identity also, which is a admirable thing to do, but in aspect, there are those that use alts to do nefarious things and that is were it gets messy too...

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Pretending to be someone else than I am in real life is fun for me.   Using an alt to try a different aspect of SL is also fun...vampire...neko...furry...Slave.. mistress...etc.  I don’t take it seriously.   This isn’t a social network for me.  I have fun with others and avoid people who take it too seriously

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I have alts going back 10 years for various reasons (e.g. work account versus personal account, dedicated roleplay), but my primary reason today is land. I have a few alts that I upgraded to Premium for either their Linden Home or to use the 1024m² tier allotment to expand my mainland parcel.

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On 10/14/2020 at 9:41 AM, Ceka Cianci said:

I made an alt to escape all the guys I cheat on my husband with..

Just kidding..hehehe

I made an alt a few weeks back to see what the new members went through when they entered second life.. Then just decided to invest in that one and run around seeing second life from a different perspective.. plus, it gives me a chance to start with a new inventory which feels really good.. I'm gonna organize the hell of of this one!! \o/

I did the exact same thing lol... down to being determined to keep my latest alt's inventory organized!  So far so good :)

I have a few alts.  My first, AjayMcDowwll Alter was made because I couldn't resist the "Alter" last name, and for my purposes, being open about who I am is helpful.  Also, I was working in a very busy region at the time and liked being able to leave work behind when I was off, but still be "me".

My second alt, Piper Kitalpha, I ended up creating because I was too easy to find in my "Alter" account which made it difficult to relax in that form.  From that was born this less-recognizable alt.

My latest alt, Ellie Bellisserian, I made up at the end of July of this year to find out about the new user onboarding process.  From there I decided to try to mesh her out cheaply, and was successful if a bit annoyed due to neck seam issues... and finally said the heck with it and stuck her in an Maitreya body with a Catwa head. 

The neck and body transition is nearly flawless with that combination, by the way.

Ellie is a bit of a change, not only with her organized wardrobe, but also with her components.  My other alts are my clones, outside of maybe haircolor, and we all wear the Genus Classic 001 head.  Ellie, however, was created when Genus was closed due to the DMCA, so Catwa it was!  When Genus reopened I tried a Genus head on her and it just looked wrong.  She's a Catwa girl through and through lol.

So, nope.  No nefarious purposes here, and my poor alts rarely get out unless I'm sending Ellie over to clean my pool because I'm busy otherwise inworld.  They're basically my crash test dummies/ photo props/ occasional entertainment.  I'm open about them on the forums, my husband knows about all of them, and if any of my friends meets one, I'm always sure to clarify exactly who I really am :) 

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