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Does anyone know how to fix Belleza hands?

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Hi everyone.

I have a Belleza Freya body and find that my hands are not fitting at the wrist. They look like they are sliced and refitted badly at the wrist. This is the best way I can explain it. Does anyone know how to fix this at all please?

Snapshot 1_001.png

Snapshot 1_002.png

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Posted (edited)

Check the HUD under shape, there are two fits for arms and legs: one for Belleza and one for Slink hands/feet


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This is really weird. I have been using the Freya as my daily body since 2016 or so and have never seen this before. 

Here's some things to try:
- Detach literally everything and wear only the body, does it look normal now? If so, attach your items again one thing at a time and keep checking your wrists to see if any of the items caused it.
- Use the "undeform avatar" feature from your Avatar menu (assuming this is part of the viewer you use too)
- If you have the original box that your body came in, unpack a fresh copy. If you don't have the original box anymore, get a redelivery and get the fresh copy from there.
- Are you perhaps accidentally wearing the hands of another body? Like SLInk or Maitreya 4.1 hands. I know, kinda far fetched but good to check too. 


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