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Looking for a male character

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Hello there, I'm currently looking for a male character/avatar to play my character's boyfriend, tentatively named Adam (but feel free to change it to your liking). The primary focus of the story is mystery/intrigue, and the RP will take place in the modern supernatural sim, Clifton Forge (the environment is mindblowingly beautiful btw!). 

Here's a little info about Adam and my character, Rei:

  • He's an aspiring musician who's gone to Clifton Forge for a 3 month long gig
  • He supposedly went 'missing' after sending my character strange/enigmatic texts about the town and its people
  • Rei is taking an unofficial break  from her final year studies and makes her way to Clifton Forge in search for Adam
  • Adam and Rei's first contact:
    • Rei spots Adam in town but he doesn't seem to recognize her and she's left to figure out what exactly happened to Adam

My active hours are typically past 8pm SLT during the weekends, and mornings SLT during the weekdays.

The rest is up to your preference and imagination ;) If you've a male character/avatar and you're interested in modern supernatural rp (think humans, vampires, werewolves, hunters etc) and love stories of mystery/intrigue, feel free to ask any questions here or IM me @dingieberry inworld to find out more!


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I don't think most people want their stories written FOR them. I mean, you get to write YOUR story, why should you get to write someone else's too? You'd have better luck telling some information about you and letting folks know you're looking for a partner. Good luck! ( This is not said to be grumpy or anything, just friendly information :) )

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