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Cosmetic Applier for Lelutka

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My favourite cosmetic supplier is moving from creating for specific heads to only Bakes on Mesh.  If anyone can recommend cosmetic suppliers for Lelutka, please send me a notecard inworld (as long as this doesn't violate ant terms of service).  Thank you.

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So what stops you from using Bakes on Mesh on your head?

No update for your skin available? That would be quite in contrast to the "both" statement, as LeL heads don't take applier skins.

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Not sure if I'm allowed to post URLs on this forum but they have a dedicated Flickr group where makeup/skin designers for their heads post new products.  Great way to find unknown stores.  If you are looking for something specific, asking in their in-world group or Discord channel may also help as people are very active and always helping each other finding things.

Lelutka Mesh Head Developers - Promotional Images only

*sees the post date*  Ugh, I'm always too late to be helpful.

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i wish you luck on finding stores, i myself cant recommend any due to appliers going out of style... theyre not neccessary anymore.

i know you dont want any other answer, but you should at least care a little bit about bakes on mesh. it is how secondlife should have done it all along. from a performance and design point of view, it is really important. if everyone used BoM, we'd have a lot less lag and a lot more makeup layers. there are only huge advantages so i do not understand why some people wont adopt BoM.

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On 7/3/2020 at 4:52 PM, Taern905 said:

I'm not looking for skins, I'm looking for cosmetics.

Nearly all the cosmetics I use are system layers made for Bakes on Mesh. On occasion I will use HD appliers for eye shadow, but even with those I typically have a bakes on mesh layer under the shadow for creating a special look on my lids. For HD appliers for my Letluka head I often use shadows from Shiny Stuffs. You can find her on the MP. By the way, she has shadows and lips for bakes as well as appliers.

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