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*Redneck Paradice*

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..::*Redneck Paridice*::..
Ѡe havɨɴg a great party starts 2 Pm  SLT 
❉DJ line up Today : 
aмoѕ ѕynιѕѕ
Katy Salvitor

❉ Playing: .CLASSIC ROCK ,Southern Rock,country

 No Lose Sploder load by owner ever hour
 Trivia  $5 ever correct answer
   Redneck Paridice Money Giver  Ever 10 min just for wearing the group tag.

Gift Card Give 1K to KC COUTURE

❉I promɨse to you the Ɓest DJs, 
Ɓest Musɨc and Ɓest ƤɑrTy
@*Redneck Paridice*


Redneck Paradise01.jpg

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1 hour ago, Caroline Takeda said:


is this the latest branding trick to miss spell your own location twice?

Or is this a Redneck thing?


If you spell it the way most people "misspell" it, then name it that way in search, theoretically more people will find it! More poor "spelers" at least.

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