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Desperately seeking an old hair

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So I've seen this hair in multiple places, usually used in J-fash/kawaii styles or by Japanese users way back in the day before mesh was a big thing. First time I saw it I fell in love. Couldn't find the creator... but I finally found out who made it: *DP*yumyum. This creator is still around and makes modern mesh hairs! I even found some other hairs by them they made a long time ago which are super cute too. Great news... so I pop into their in-world store.

...No old hairs to be found. Nada. Zero. None!!! You can't believe how devastated I was.

And I know what you're thinking... "Why would you want an old, out-dated, flexi prim hair in the year 2020?"

Maybe... just maybe... I secretly enjoy out-dated flexi hair.. How embarrassing.

Anyways, does anyone have ANY idea where I could get my grubby little hands on *DP*yumyum's old work? Especially this hair... If it's not on the MP, and it's not in the in-world store, I'm guessing it's gone forever (aside from the old players who have it in their inventory, but surely it's no-trans). But maybe someone knows another source for it?

Pics attached of the specific hair I so desperately crave..



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