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Coco Reserve

Where Fantasies become Reality. An intimate Adult community nestled in a tropical, small town setting.

Our Youtube Video


Currently we offer:
- Houses & Cottages - L$400/week - 200 prims
- Townhouses - L300/WEEK - 150 prims
- Bungalows -  L$150/week - 75 prims
- Chalets - L$200/week - 100 prims
- Junior Suites - L$15/day or L$105/week - 50 prims

- Penthouse - L$200/week - 200 prims
- Robin's Nest - L$150/week - 150 prims

♦We are hiring for different roleplay positions (earnings on tip basis) 


If you seek relaxing we have a jazz lounge, a social hangout, eateries, a cigar lounge with adult entertainment, we even have our own version of Little Cuba to relax and enjoy the scenery. Our main focus is your experience being our pleasure.

For additional info you can always contact Xaviana Carpaccio Whitemixer Resident or Nohvah Resident.


Teleport to Coco Reserve

 Facebook Page

Bungalow Lifestyle_005.png

Coco Reserve 2.png

Coco Reserve 4.png

Diamandis Townhouse.jpg

Junior Suites.jpg

Sweet Life Bakery_002.png

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