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iCandy is Hiring New Club


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hello job seeker 

Do you like adult Entertainment  are you a text or voice or cam  girl that is looking for a job that you can really  do and Injoy  look up iCandy&imagic today we are looking  for people that have ideas and would  want to work for a great owner and  a great company  we  are not only a girls escort club we well have a male side of things too and I must say we well also have a ground club  so yes we are looking for hosts and djs as well. 

The guys part of the strip club/escort lounge well be called imagic  aka magic Mike lol. We are looking  for management  team  and accountant for accountant  job must have good math skills must also have good time management skills  make lists of employees   and give documentation  to owner and management report to owner  or gm.  If you are interested  to work for a great company  and you like perks  and benefits   and also a hourly pay  and tips. 86% to 92% keep as your tips. 

As camgirl you well have a salary range or a guy  camdude same goes for you  salary plus tips 

Text girls and guys 86% of tips 

Voice girls n guys 92%  plus salary 

All management  team well have salary and tips 100% of your tips and plus we well have a tip jar so that everyone  well get tiped 

And we well also have pvt rooms and  ad boards  for rent  voice and cam girls if you are a candy girl fully  hired  ad boards  well be free ... some with i magic guys 

I well make attention  on some animal  avis .. but we well have special  nights for a freaky Saturday or a candy Sunday so if you have a unicorn outfit or  what ever fancy  outfit I well make  a sure thing to hire you.. ( you geting tired  of not getting  hired because  your a horse or a blue gig ) this well be your late stop  because  everyone  has there crazy kinks  and stuff so we at icandy well work with a animal night or human/kitten lol. Here at icandy we have no problem  with the  avis but you must have the ok by the owner or management  and you must have that avi  as of the specific  theme we are doing that day or week  and you much have a human avi as well so we can have you up on the walls  and must be a professional  photo. If you don't have  someone  for it I well point you in the direction  each photo well cost 500L  .most have I candy or imagic   In the picture  so we can put you in on the wall where you are set at like voice or text etc and please note if you are a dude playing as a female you well not be hired at this time. We well have a shemale  or gaymale  escort lounge at a later date. We well also have dom and sub role play on the sim    im think middle of 2021 for both of those and if prims play out good 

I am welling  to work with you as your owner and a boss I would also like to hire someone that has great grammar  skills   for employment packet 

You also need  a mesh body and  mesh head no looking like a newbie or i well decline your application  and look at someone  else's  application . 


Ps good luck   and  have  a great night or day 

Management team 

Owner frizzyelitelegend   

Message  inworld  or look me up and shot me a discord  discord would be good for Mondays-fridays 





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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1043 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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