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This is Belinda.

Belinda is, in her own words, a "huntress."

She is also one of my best friends in Second Life and, not coincidentally, a housemate.

I've known @BelindaN for a bit under 2 years now; we first met on the Second Life forums, where she was posting superb pictures, and working hard to create a community of like-minded people whom she invited to a group she called "The Forum Angels." And most of them are (angels, that is), so I joined too, really delighted to be invited to a group of such lovely people, led by a woman I'd come to admire. I really liked how she was trying to bring people together, and how well she succeeded in doing so: she has that kind of force of personality. We hit it off pretty quickly, I think, and I'm very glad we did: she has enlivened my life immensely.

Belinda is savvy, sharp, funny, sarcastic, caring, and people-oriented: she's enormously fun, very English, very strong, and a an absolute hoot in conversation. In RL, she's definitely the kind of person I'd meet in a bar for drinks and scandalous talk.

And did I mention that she's a huntress? Of all my friends, Belinda is the one who most exudes a strength that resides, in some measure at least, in her sexual charisma. She's gorgeous, and she's got it in spades. I can only marvel (from a safe distance) at how she manages it.

A mutual friend of ours saw this picture and suggested that it looked as though I was seducing her.

I should be so lucky. You don't chase after Belinda: she hunts you.

She is the huntress.


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