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There really is something a bit special about virtual embodiment. Here's a picture of me with three women with whom I chat on Discord and through IMs in-world pretty frequently. The bond is real.

Surfing Squad with @Scylla Rhiadra , me, @BelindaN, @Saskia Rieko, and @Eva Knoller

So we met for a pamper session with Margarita's and much to discuss. Here we are at Saskia's place putting the world to rights.  @Eva Knoller @Saskia Rieko @Scylla Rhiadra      

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On 4/13/2021 at 5:32 AM, Yuumo Ichibara said:

True! This thread inspires me to take more photos with my dearest friends. It is always lovely to honor moments we share with them with a photograph.




Lovely shot, Yuumo! Glow-y and glam-y. You look like you've both been getting ready to go out to a club.

(Remember the days of RL clubs? . . . *sigh*)

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18 hours ago, Truestar Mokeev said:

First photo I've posted to social media from Second Life.  This is of me and my dear friend dancing together at an interesting place called Altitude.


I like this pic so much because it's obviously unposed. Just two friends, enjoying dancing, music, and each other's company . . . in a post-apocalyptic setting.

What could be sweeter?

(I keep meaning to go to Altitude. I have lots of friends who go there, apparently.)

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