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SL Viewer Login Failure Without VPN after Last Night's Maintenance (I think?)


Hi. I hope everyone's doing well.

So here is the problem straight to the point:

I live in Iran and although SL seems to be banned here and connecting to the website needs VPN connection, the viewers could connect to the server and I could log in to SL through them until today. Today, when trying to log in as I always do, it got stuck on the logging in part (both on second life viewer and firestorm) and then it gave this error which I will attach the photo (Login Failed, despite our best efforts...).

Though it does appear to log in when using VPN connection, but it doesn't otherwise and using the VPN connection makes the connection so poor and the ping goes above 600 and the game becomes so annoying that can't be played really.

I was checking to see what has changed since last night which I could log in with no VPN connection as always, and the only difference that I found out was applied, was the maintenance that took place. I haven't installed nor uninstalled anything from my computer since then.

I would be thankful if anyone has any tips or instructions for me to fix this or at least find a way to actually be able to play the game as I did before.

(I also did attempt to turn off my firewall and it didn't work as I expected... it does log in using VPN anyway...)

Thanks for your attention :)


P.S. I couldn't use the "Insert image from URL"  here (it's my first time using it). The full error is:

"Login Failed.

Despite our best efforts, something unexpected went wrong.

Please check (a link) to see if there is a known problem with the servers.

if you continue to experience problems, please check your network and firewall setup."

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