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balla Ditko

Can't log to Second Life Viewer ( Beta test )

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Hello all, 

I am a new designer who creates mesh clothes and mesh stuff!

Actually I've been trying to log in from SL viewer (Beta Test ) so I can be able to upload my mesh for free just for testing , but every time I log in it wont let me 

The error I am getting everytime is shown in this capture https://gyazo.com/4d0c3d82358033fe59e91cc55a7405ac 

Error says : Login failed

                     Sorry! we couldn't log you in

                     Please check and make sure you entered the right 



While I am pretty sure of my password and my username !

Please help!


Thanks in advance


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You need to contact Second Life support to get access to Beta Grid (Aditi). It used to be automatically granted in the past.

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, MateaAtaraxie said:

Should I put it from "account issue" or "land and region" or "technical questions"?

It doesn't matter put Account issue explaining you want to login to Aditi and they will forward it.

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