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Roleplay friends???

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HiHi! I am Eleanor or Norie, some of you have seen me about the forums. I recently moved into Cedar Creek with a flatmate and we need people that enjoy roleplaying and want to roleplay and hang out with us. I can't really give much information on the other half of this but I can talk for ages about myself!

Random Stuff About Norie!

  • I love Dungeons and Dragons, I could talk about it all the time if it wasn't too much for the people around me
  • Marvel is the best, I love it a lot
  • Memes!!!!!!!!
  • I run on coffee and sarcasm, it makes for an interesting time
  • My RP character is me but not? 
  • Music and Dancing are life
  • Musicals, everyday should be like a musical, meaning I sing a lot.
  • Adventures make me happy

Now for a picture!


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31 minutes ago, Zandrah Sorrowman said:

What kinds of role play are you trying to do? PG?Family Sim? RL?Midevel?  What's the general story line? What times are you typically logged in?

Cedar Creek is a community roleplay sim so Slice of Life best fits the genre. No real storyline, I mean, my character is the daughter of musicians that is a former ballerina and looking to start a studio of her own. Mostly just looking for friends to do things like hang out, go on adventures, and have parties, that sort of thing.

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Hey there! 

I would love to make some new rp friends too to join me and my Dom on some fun story lines. Don't worry, it would be nothing sexual ^^ But we love role playing with others every day to day life, party, dinners and a sprinkle of excitement/healthy drama.

Our characters, which are only extensions of ourselves:

  • Him - Art Gallery owner, guitarist, singer, silver fox with the right amount of charm. Loves eating out, dancing and playing games. 
  • Me - Art restorer (not connected to the art gallery), painter, animal rescuer. Love parties, dancing, dining, playing board games (D&D novice here ^^) 

If you want to chat just throw me a quick IM - Scaramouche Dryke ^^

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