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What Does Your Avatar Look Like Now?


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Although my efforts to lift Eva into Smart Casual had limited success, Eva's efforts to turn my head away from Genus have been rather more successful, and I've been under pressure to go with BoM. So Ellie was selected a my tester, and I now understand the momentum which BoM has established.

This is Ellie's new look, Lelutka Fleur. The smile lines and freckles, and face shape make her look so much older, but I love this look and the invisible neck seam. I kept her original MINA skin, just with a redelivery to get the BoM textures.


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21 hours ago, Talligurl said:

So doesn't everyone stand in the middle of the road in a bikini?



I just love your new hair!!!

And I have RL seen someone rollerlade in the suburbs in a pink polkadot bikini lol!!!

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49 minutes ago, Talligurl said:

Well that might be cool to, though I don't think it would have quite the same sexy vibe as roller-blades.

Lol!!! That would just be plain "unsexy"!!!

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