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What Does Your Avatar Look Like Now?


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11 minutes ago, RitaCallisto said:

..Okay.. am I seeing repeats or..?

Most likely double-cross-multiple-postings to these numerous pic threads.

There's the original one, the one for those who don't like the original one, but post to both ones nonetheless. The "before and after post processing" one which gets a lot of "I cropped my pic, now it's post-processed" submissions. A Portraits only one with very little posts... for my liking, it's not really attractive to follow.

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Magika has new hair out, with a new range of textures. Same colour range, but more gorgeous. And there's a new "smaller chest" size that fits Maitreya Petite very well. It's interesting how a more realistic hair texture like this one makes a SL portrait look so much more real.


I'm glad she's started doing new stuff, I already own nearly everything she's done since 2018... 

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