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Dura like hair that is moddable

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Howdy! Seeing how the attached picture is pretty much the main issue regarding SL shopping for guys.. I'm requesting the aid of the community! :D

I'm looking for hair that's in the style of Dura.. Its for a anime looking avatar but I am unable to find something that I can work with to add a blue highlight in the front. So I'm looking for a bit of teen boy/emo hair similar to this.

Unfortunately, a lot is either no-mod, or just doesn't have the texture option I need (Blue highlights at the front, just blond for the rest)

Any pointers where to look? I refuse to use Ayashi as their hairs are overused within the anime community and they haven't released any worthwhile male hair in a while.




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Hello Peke,

perhaps you could use a set of "colored bangs" or a "hair feather" to get the look you are going for. I'll look around on MP if i see anything i'll post it here.

Kind Regards,


maybe something like this: (it says it is MOD)


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