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Hello guys,


So... I am thinking about owning a sim because I want to be able to build a huge house on it, have a nice beachview and change windlight settings whenever I want. 

There's only one problem. I have no idea where to even begin in the process. 

Is it worth buying SL premium.. AND how do I even get a sim?

What is the cost of everything.


Thanks for your help in advance.

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Start here:

and any other articles in the Knowledge Base that relate to land ownership/management.   Consider taking Lindal Kidd's free class on owning and maintaining land, offered every Saturday at Caledon Oxbridge University in world. Then start lurking in the Land forums to see the range of prices being set by current landowners.

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You do not need to be a Premium member to own a private region.  However, I'm not going to recommend that you buy one just now, for two reasons.

  1. LL has run out of servers, and has temporarily suspended the sale of new private regions.  Eventually, they are going to move the land servers to the cloud, and then you'll be able to buy one again.
  2. You can still pay a resident to transfer a private region to you (the process for this is described in the link Rolig posted above).  However, for what you say you want to do, I still don't recommend this.  Instead, I recommend you rent a "Homestead" region from a private estate owner.

Here's why.  Homestead regions are the same size physically as a regular full performance region (256 x 256 meters).  However, they cost less.  Renting a Homestead should cost you about $150 USD per month.  Homestead regions support fewer avatars (20 maximum) and fewer prims (land impact allowance of 5000).  But for simply having a large home and grounds, those are not serious drawbacks.

You'll have to rent it though.  You cannot own a Homestead outright, unless you already own at least one full performance region.  Here's where you can find people advertising them: https://community.secondlife.com/forums/forum/289-region-rentals-homestead/

If $150 per month is more than you wish to spend (It's more than I'd want to spend for a home!) then you can buy or rent a parcel smaller than a whole region.  I find that 4096 sq meters is a very nice size for a spacious home (not a mansion, but still quite comfortable) and nice landscaping.  That will run you in the neighborhood of $35 USD per month, whether on the Mainland or on a private estate.

As for Windlight settings...LL has now introduced EEP, an upgrade to the Environment controls.  You can create and apply settings to any land parcel, it doesn't have to be an entire region any more.  Plus of course, you can always set your own personal environment settings, for what appears on your own viewer.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 99 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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