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Alternate Accounts for Roleplay Characters

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I haven't been active one Second Life for years, but this is something that stood out to me.

What's the point of having another Second Life account for another character as a requirement at a Sim? 

  • The explanation I was given is that they want people to have different usernames and avoid meta-gaming. 

I don't understand how different usernames doesn't contribute to meta-gaming, in fact, I believe it provides more anonymity(and you lose track of which person is writing who). 

  • I was also told that you don't want a situation where character A and B are invited to the same party and you only have one account. 
    • As a writer, I thought I had a choice weather or not character A or B attended the same party. Events are optional. However, I must use two different accounts at the same time to attend the same party with two characters because I cannot do it on one account. I thought situations like that forces a writer to choose between the characters. Either way as  a writer you're still occupying one space and the lack of an avatar doesn't change that truth. What if I don't want to go to a party with character A? Instead I simply wanted to go with character B? What if I didn't want to go with either character? 

A username and nickname don't always equal up to who the person is writing as and nowadays most people use huds for titlers. 

For someone who is still new to the Second Life scene(and not so much the roleplay scene) it seems backwards to me. It sounds more like a personal preference rather than a logical one to me. 

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I'm not so familiar with the hardcore roleplay scene but requiring separate accounts for separate characters is definitely backwards on so many levels.

Firstly it's just plain expensive having to buy things like bodies and heads twice. Adding such a financial barrier of entry for people who want to do multiple characters is silly. I say this as someone with too many accounts that are all decked out, but I make more than enough L passively.

And it's like you said, multiple accounts add to the metagaming, especially when you don't announce who your alts are and start getting info people don't know you would have.

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there are some reasons for this.. and yes it has to deal with user/display names and keeping things seperate. each character is meant to be one single character and not multiple characters on that sim. so to be more than one, would require more than one account. that way if one dies is killed only the one account is affected and removed from the rp/group/sim and the other is allowed to continue on.

yes it does allow for increased metagaming, but then again you cant really stop from happening anyways. some people in the group may have alts that you have no idea about and never will already. some leave their alts online all the time or sign them on and off at different times then their main to keep people guessing.

plus some people like to have alts to be completely different people so they cannot be judged by how they act on that alt compared to their normal account.

some might have a slave alt, or a bdsm alt, and have a vanilla main. they dont want their main to be associated with their bdsm alts at all.

the idea that it may decrease metagaming is that if you metagame with that alt you basically give away that you are an alt. so in order to not seem like an alt you cant metagame. a- does not know what b- did yesterday for they were not on then. if a- suddenly starts talking and revealing secrets that only b- knows.. everyone knows that either a- is b-'s alt or was told by someone  things they had no right to know without rping learning them. making both a- and b- less trusted by the rp community at that time.

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I feel like that goes back to whether or not the individual is using the username/nickname of their account for the character. I can understand people doing this by choice but not when people make it a requirement to have an alternate account. In different roleplay communities people do have alternate accounts for different characters they write. However, it is a different community and environment. Unfortunately Second Life makes it possible for you to have all these characters on a single account. The account isn't the character, but rather the account you write on in terms of Second Life. I also think it calls into question whether or not the group/sim you are roleplaying in is forward motion or backwards.

Yes, there are different types of sims. Some roleplay sims are better than other roleplay sims, base on how they manage that. 

  • I can understand the reasons given for alternate accounts in terms of using them for different activities and disassociation. There's no question about that. 
  • I also think it is important to think about or discuss this, because it brings up a discussion of how a person views text based written roleplay on Second Life. 
  • I do agree with Wuffie though. 



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 358 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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