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Glastonbelli Live Music Festival -16th & 17th June - 10am to 4pm slt

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Glastonbelli Live Music Festival

Two days of Second Lifes finest live music performers ! Tuesday 16th & Wednesday 17th June - 10am to 4pm slt

Located at the community Fairgrounds in Belliseria. Everybody's welcome, no tip jars, we do it for the Lurrrvvve of music ! 

Come and enjoy a wonderful time with us ! Thankyou moles and LL for the venue ! 


Glastonbelli -  Live Music Festival @ Bellisseria Fairgrounds

June 16th
10am The Vinnie show 
11am lexus Melodie
12 pm Da5id Weatherwax 
1pm Larree Quixote
2pm - 4 pm Jed Luckless 
           Moondance Parx Particle show

June 17th
10am The Vinnie show!
11am  Joe Paravane
12 pm Baz (avantgarde.frequency) 
1pm Suzen Juel
2pm - 4pm Tukso Okey
          Moondance Parx particle extravaganza




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I can hardly wait!  Nearly finished setting up everything at the Fairgrounds


WOwoowoO! \☻/



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21 hours ago, Uli Jansma said:

I hope this ugly xxxl-prim will go down after the event asap ...



Your neighbors

We were very happy you came and attended the Event!  Hope you enjoyed the music despite the build ♥

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Good news - it was a great event and the wall is down!


Let's make together the good old mainland nice again! (... and even better then Belli ;-))

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