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New Family RP Land – Three Rivers Estates

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Hello everyone!

Three Rivers Estates is a new Miami inspired Land and Family Oriented RP.

We took the best designers to give the best experience possible for all the people coming to visit us.

The land is surrounded by the sea which is also swimmable using the animation provided on the different beaches we have.

We also got a Spa&Termal center, gym, cafeteria, shops, restaurant, club, swimming pool, bar, travel agency, gasoline station (works with fuel hud from cars), police and firefighters station, and much more.

We offer either RP jobs or jobs as DJ, Host, Restaurant Manager, Waiters ecc.. That can be paid by tips from tenants or visitors.

As a family-oriented sim, we have also an huge selection of houses for every pocket, starting from the apartments and going to the Miami style villa on the beach! We also offer some commercial space for shops that would like to sell their stuff in an active community.

It is possible to drive with cars or motorbikes in our streets, the land has no lag at all make driving an enjoyable experience.

One of our goals is to provide RP experience in SL to an international community as we have people in our management and also residents coming from different parts of the world with different time zone to let anyone enjoy the experience with us.

For any information feel free to write in world to (izabelocello resident, miamorteramal or Antonio Giano. Please also feel free to stop on by in world and visit us. 

http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Three Rivers/46/189/22




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Posted (edited)

Hi there, when you click on the map you provided it takes you to the backyard of a house that's been rented, and you can't move around unless you're a member of the group. Tried to search to see if there was a welcome center or something, but there's nothing in search for places.

Edit: I found it in search but it takes you to the same backyard.

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