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Interview with a Jobseeker - Roxie Amadeus


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Is your brand hiring? Imagine picking up a magazine and reading this article:


Interviewer: (I) Today, I am sitting down and talking with Roxie Amadeus. Roxie is looking to avoid the stripper pole and put down her fishing pole and start an exciting new job in SL. Thanks for talking to me today, Roxie.

Roxie: (R) Thanks for giving me this chance to talk to everyone.

I: Why is your name Roxie Amadeus?

R: It's a play on the 80's song, "Rock Me Amadeus" by Falco but also Mozart is my favorite composer and "Amadeus" is my favorite movie. Not totally a true biopic, but it's a blast. I'm a beginner piano player with a very classically trained teacher. 

I: Let's start with some basics. As you know, many brands in SL have certain age requirements to get a job. What is your SL age? 

R: I am 493 days old.

I: Many of us don't live on SL time. Do you?

R: Unfortunately, no. I am SL +3

I: What days and times (SL) can people find you inworld?

R: As of right now, every day anywhere between 6 a.m and 6 p.m. SL Not consecutively, we all have to and should take breaks every so often.

I: I know that COVID-19 has turned our real lives upside-down, which affects our SL lives. How has the virus changed both of your lives?

R: My job is on hold and I'm not sure when or if she going back to RL work anytime soon. It could be as soon as next month or perhaps not until there is a viable vaccine. She won't know until next month. I understand that makes it difficult for SL employers to hire me, I wish I could give brands out on the grid a more solid RL/SL timeline but I don't have a crystal ball right now. None of us do and that is what is so unsettling about all of this.

I: Please explain a bit more about why staying healthy is especially important in your  life.

R: In RL I am physically disabled and have very complex health issues. Her life would be in serious jeopardy if she got even a mild case of COVID. I hate the fact that she is so afraid, but being Roxie helps me to feel less anxious about things. 

I: This is a great segue into what you do in real life for work and how it might be able to help you find work in SL.

R: I sell computers at an electronics store. I've worked there for two years. At my job, I listen to my customers's needs, suggest and demonstrate products, work within the customers's budgets, ask my co-workers for help and feedback if need be and follow instructions, policies and directives from my superiors.

I: What do you like best about your work?

R: Every day is something different. Much like in SL, different products are on sale or promotion every week. New products come in the store and we must do trainings about everything new in the store. There's always something to do. The hustle and bustle of sales never stops and I like it that. I'm at my best under pressure. Hey, if you can survive Black Friday in the retail world, that means a lot.

I: Do you have other talents that employers in SL might be looking for?

R: Absolutely! I studied Communication in college. This means I can do anything from article and blog writing to PR. But in college, I discovered my true passion in life: Filmmaking! O.K. I've never made a three hour epic like Lord of the Rings or anything but I have made a documentary. I am willing to share it with any employer who asks.

I: Tell the SL world out there why stripping isn't something you're looking to do.

R: I am happily married in RL - No, he doesn't use SL, but I didn't come to SL to shake my pixels. I am very loyal to my husband and feel very uncomfortable talking intimately to people I don't know well.

I: Many people fish in SL, do you fish at all?

R: I do Virtual Fishing for fun, but I don't see it as a job, it's relaxing and good stress relief but sometimes I fall asleep doing it! <giggles>

I: If hired, this will be your first SL job, correct?

Yes. My RL has prevented me from spending a lot of time in SL until now but I've gotten a better handle on things, I know when to speak up and admit if something is too difficult and am getting better at asking for help. I have come a long way in learning to balance things, it's one of the good things about the world slowing down lately.

I: Your profile isn't complete and it says you don't have a mesh body yet. Have you been working to update your appearance since you are out of RL work right now?

R: Yes! I received Maitreya as a gift and took advantage of the free Catwa head offer a few months back. I've found skins and hair by joining groups and am always looking out for Lucky Letters and Midnight Mania boards for clothes. The last things I need to get before I reveal the brand new Roxie Amadeus to the world are eyes, makeup and jewelry. I'm so excited to have a new look ASAP.

I: What are some SL jobs you'd like to try if you could?

R: Club hosting looks fun, I like to think of it as customer service with music and dancing. When I get enough clothes and other appearance changing goodies, I would love to do some modeling. I like taking pictures a lot.  Need an actress for a play or artistic project. No problem. I've had acting lessons. I wish I still had access to my zombie weather girl skit. Sorry, everyone! Need a zombie for your next machinima project? Sounds like a wonderful time! 

I: Well, thanks so much for talking to me and the folks on the grid. Good luck finding the perfect job for you!

R: Thank you so much!


Disclaimer: No one actually interviewed me. I thought it would be fun for people to get to know me in an interview format. 

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