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I can't hear the voices of others



I can't hear the voices of others with the latest Firestorm Viewer, Black Dragon Viewer, Second Life Official Viewer, and Alchemy Viewer.
I have not tried other viewers.
A white ball appears above my head.
You can't get above your opponent.

When I copied the contents of "voice folder" (Alchemy to the folder containing SLvoice.exe of Firestorm Viewer, I could hear the voice.
What should I do to be able to hear the voice without doing this operation?

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Gothly's link to the Firestorm wiki is the most complete list of troubleshooting available.

Since you have tried other viewers and have the same problem, it has to be the computer. Can you hear YouTube videos?

Alchemy's files are likely to be out of date. So copying any of Alchemy's files to the FS folder is a mistake. I suggest you close all viewers, restart the computer, disable virus protection for 10 or 20 minutes, download and reinstall the viewer you plan to use.

Also, white-list the viewer's program files folder with your anti-virus. For performance sake white-list the cache folders too.

See if these steps help.

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Thank you for your advice.
I followed the installation steps as I was told, but it didn't improve.

Currently, a white ball is displayed only above you.
The white ball disappears for 1 second at intervals of once every few minutes.

For now, overwriting Alchemy's old slvoice-related files into Firestorm is the only way I can hear them.
I want to hear the voice with a new installation.

I suspect it's a voice server issue.
We will continue to seek advice.

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