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Second Life As an Artistic Masterpiece

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What I love about Second Life is that, it is what you make it. You choose how to live your SL, and your choices will govern how many other others perceive you. It's like a blank canvas, you decide what you paint. But what I to know from my experience on SL, I realized that this platform can be used as a form of expression in the form of videos, pictures, blogs, vlogs etc. but I don't know how too start. Anyone has any advice on this?

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I do this a lot on my Flickr. It can be sometimes helpful to use photos to express feelings. 

Advice? It's easy.. Just take a photo based upon how you feel and put it into your profile, Flickr, Social Media. 

I use songs to enhance the explanation of what I'm trying to portray in my stuff.   

Best advice I can give. Make a Flickr and use your SL profile. I think that's what you meant, right?   -  

Never Love Again


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