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5120sqm Protected (Mature) mainland parcel for SALE

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5120sqm mainland (with full prims) for sale located in Chinati. Parcel is protected by water (sailable Linden river) on 1 side.

If you look at the overhead map view, the parcel for sale has a bright pink parcel cover to give you an idea of how big it is. ;)  The parcel starts with the boardwalk/house on one end, to the cabin on the other; Includes all similarly-named subdivided parcels within. (I subdivided it for the different windlight and privacy settings; it will be joined into 1 parcel upon sale.) If you prefer water rather than land, or a combination of both, much of the parcel can be terraformed. This is a mature region with good neighbors and aesthetically pleasing surroundings. The pink parcel cover in the sky is included for your privacy, you can do with it as you wish. Must be an SL premium member to own mainland!

Asking price L$75,000. It is currently group-owned with tier at $22.00 USD monthly, directly payable to Linden Labs.





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