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Not seeing wave movement


For some unknown reason I can't see the movement of any kind of waves of different creators. When someone else logs in on my pc they have the same issue. When they log back into their own pc they can see the waves just fine.

I wonder where I can find the setting to see waves movement again. Can someone pleaseeeeee help me? I'm using Firestorm, not the newest version but the version before.

Wave issues_001.png

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There are two kinds of water in SL, System and Prim.

System water is the oceans you usually see at about 20m altitude. Prim water can be anywhere and looks like what you have in the image. Prim water uses texture animation. Knowing this I searched Firestorm's settings for texture and also for animation. I don't see any settings that specifically address animated textures. But you can do a Settings Search to see if there are any you want to change.

Looking through the Debug Settings I find AnimateTextures. I suggest you check this one and make sure it is TRUE (set to 1).

If you still have a problem ask in Firestorm Support in-world.

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