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The Town of Pardon : the Purple Light District

Jelly Luv

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Hey there!! I have been a resident of SL for over 14 years now and have played around in a few RP sims here or there. I kind of just felt like I didn't really fit in in those types of scenarios as I don't like to take myself too seriously in any capacities and just love to create ridiculous story lines while using second life to create a scene to play in. That's not to say that those RP communities were lacking in anything that makes them terrible, I still recommend those that are still around. I just didn't think they were my jive. After hoping around for the last few years trying to find "my place", some friends and I got together and decided that we would just create our own little world in SL. 

As I have started to build and put together all of the things that will bring my bad little world to life I have started to realize how nontraditional this type of RP is and I wanted to tickle the brains of the forums to see what people's opinions would be. I've written quite a bit of background on the land but I am FAR from being close to having anything ready for an actual influx on interested role players. 

The basis of my "town" is that is has been walled in by neighboring towns because it's citizens are outrageously out of control. Petty crime and a hot tempered mayor keep the town in a constant timeline of ridiculous shenanigans. But I do have rules for the land. 

I'm trying to model my land after the town in "My Name is Earl" if you've ever seen it. I'll attach below a small summary I've written up. I'm honestly open to opinions. There is a large group of us working on it so it may take a little bit to get back to replies but I promise we'll be checking when we can. 



Pardon : A city inspired by all things white trash.


Beginner's Summary:


  Pardon is a small city located in the vast world of Second Life that has been exiled by the rulers of the sim due to an overflow of it's despicable, yet strangely amusing citizens into it's (almost) Utopia of digital lands. After the controversial trailer park orgy of 1979, the neighboring towns decided that they had had enough and installed 30 meter high walls on every shared side, leaving Pardon open to new residents only dropped in by the cloud gods. 

  Led by their stupidly high and egotistical mayor, Jelly Schitte, most Pardon citizens will tell you that it's been going okay since the walling in of 1980 despite all the crime and the recent plague of fires. With the town filling up with new residents, rumors have started to spread around town that new resident merman and now pie shop owner, SLB, is doing more than just selling pies out of his historic buildings. Complaints of loud chanting from the back of his building have drawn curious minds to question if pies are all he's got going on in there. He's been quoted as saying "the noises are just excitement over our weekly pie recipe sharing club and is definitely not cult activity."

  As the town celebrates it's very first stripper birth in 30 years, join us on this terrible roleplaying adventure as we try to teach this poor innocent soul how debauchery is done! (No actual child avatars involved, just a prim baby.) 


Town history:

   Established in 1969 (ha, 69) after Randy Hickey's Guardians of the List cult built a commune, now known as the Pimmet Hills Trailer Park, located by the local twin waterfalls, Pardon earned its name when a passing traveler exclaimed "pardon my French, but what the ***** is happening here?" during a brief Meetro visit. After declaring Pardon the land of trashy debauchery, Pardon became a boom town of low morals, high sex drives, and dark humor.

  The first building erected (ha, erect) in the town was the back alley bar and brothel in 1970 built in the old west style. It is most famous as being the only building in town to not have been destroyed during any of the towns recent fire outbreaks. It is now home to a small bar and porn shop and is frequently inhabited by make-up sellers. The adjoining building was originally built as a pharmacy in the following year, 1971, to handle the towns influx of syphilis cases and after an extremely successful campaign of mandatory penicillin prescriptions for every citizen, the pharmacy was closed and the building has remained an ever changing venue. 

  Political controversy has always been intertwined with Pardon politics dating back to the town's first elected mayor, James Mack in 1979, who won in a landslide after hosting an open orgy in Pimmet Hills Trailer Park the night before the election. This incident would be the catalyst to the walling in of Pardon in the fall of 1980. 

  In the spring of 1988 it was announced that local drunken celebrity Tim Stacks wanted to run for mayor and in true patriotic Pardon nature, he won. What followed was 4 years of what has been referred to as the "worst years since the walls".

There are a few more town history facts I need to add in over the next couple of days and I have already started working on character bios for the people who have already expressed interested in joining in. So I can assure you this isn't the final part. 

I'm just curious of what other people outside of my echo chamber think of what I'm trying to build. 

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missed SOOOO much
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I'm not promoting my RP. As I stated a few times in my post I am here to pick the brains of forum users about my RP concept and what regular RP player's think of a storyline like mine and if it would be a worthwhile project.


Thanks for the comment.

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 609 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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