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Graphix setting question.

Shu Fang

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Hello  everybody i have a question about my graphix card.

I have been on second life for quite a while and i tought it was time to get myself a better computer, i have no idea what my old graphix where but i was capable of playing on medium graphix settings without any problems with lagg or such.

I have gotten my new computer i think 3 months ago, the first while i had it each time i logged in sl kept giving me a pop up saying it did not recognize my video card, i figured becouse it might be  to new.

I do not get this message anymore and i dont know what i did wrong becouse im only capable of playing on low settings becouse as soon as i switch to medium it keeps lagging soo badly i can hardly move, i figured that as soon as i gotten the update of sl my graphix card would be accepted and i would be able to play on medium once more, but unfortunatly that is not the case.

I wil post my computer specs down here and perhaps there is someone with the same problem  whoom knows if there is a solution coming up ? For i payd good money for this comp and i kinda expected it to be perfect for sl.

CPU: intel Core i5-460M

VGA: NVIDEA Geforce GT 425M/ 1GV DDR3

LED Panel : 17.3 HD = ( glare type)

RAM: DDRIII 4 GB ( 2gb*2)

HDD: 640 GB

RF: 802. 11 b/g/n


 this all means nothing to me lol but its what it says my computer is a labtop from the brand MSI and is named MSI FX700

I hope anybody of you guys can help coss i would like to get back to medium settings again coss i am missing out on alot of wonderfull things to see.


Thank you greetings Shu Fang.

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Hmm weird.

According to this site http://www.notebookcheck.net/NVIDIA-Geforce-GT-425M.34152.0.html

the GT 425M is about the same 3D performance as my 9800MGS. Both are class 2 cards. My experience is very fast however the difference is that my buswidth is 256 where your's is only 128. It could be the reason, but as your pc is about 3 months old i should think it should be really be fast enough for SL.

What i would do is totally uninstall SL including all users folders. Specially the user folders must be deleted too (manually) to avoid a re-installation of SL using the settings again you don't want.

Then make sure you have the latest Nvidia drivers installed. Sometimes pc's/notebooks aren't delivered with the latest.

Use the program 'Driver Sweeper' to actually uninstall your current driver to make sure no artifacts of the driver are left over, then restart the pc and install the latest videodriver.

Then re-install your SL totally clean, ignore the message of the card not being recognized at login. After login go to preferences graphics and see. I know from experience that SL Development is very slow supporting the most recent cards and computers :(


A few things i have to say in addition:

Having 128 bits buswidth on a videocard will result in a slow rezz and texture rendering. So i would not expect fast performances. What helps in that case is to check preferences: reduce draw distance, activate VBO and don't use AA and anisotropic. Also be careful what shaders to use. Even turn off shaders maybe. Set reflections at least to the minimum. A thing that always helps is turning off classic clouds in the evironment editor. HTTP textues (i believe it is in the Advanced menu) is very bugged at the moment. Turn it off for faster texture loads and sculpties. 

Also, set your bandwith in SL preferences to 1000-1200. SL hardly uses more than that although it should go to 1500 in theory, however SL hardly does. Setting higher than that will result in a lower performance actually, extra lag, tp issues, et cetera. My experience 1000 gives the most optimum results really. 

I hope it all works.

Good luck 

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 4150 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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