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*Dj For Hire*

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I'm Starting to notice you really Cant do anytthing in SL like they say you can Unless you have a Mic or like Sex lol

But I'm Looking for a Dj Job Below is My Information

No Mic - I keep RL Out Of SL

No Stream Im assuming if your a Club you have your own

I Use Virtual Dj to Play Music - Im Learning to Dj In RL

The Music I play is anything Electronic

House-Trance-Happy Hardcore-Club-Hardstyle-Dutch House-Dubstep

Please feel free to leave me a message here thanks :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:

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I'm gonna be a bit blunt and frank here. (^_^)

And, just to get it out of the way; I'm a tutorial instructor in SL.  No mic, no sex, just prims and how to make them work for you. .(^_^)

That said, "DJ, no mic and no stream" sounds a bit like someone applying for babysitting work yet won't change diapers or clean up any food mess when the kids are fed. (o.O)

My reaction would be that I'd be afraid this person won't even feed the kids. (=_=)

Mic does not mean RL..  If you don't want to be recognized, use a distortion or voice morpher.  To me, anyone who just plays tunes without working the crowd is just background music. (>_<)

As for a stream.  You can get 24 hour stream rentals from places like 3FX inworld or sites like Serverroom.  I have a 50 listener account with Serverroom that's costing me $14 a month.  If that's too much, there are plenty of alternatives. (^_^)

Of the styles you listed, are your songs your own work?  Do you do mashups?  Or are you just blending one song into the next?  If it's the third option, you're doomed.  Those kinds of "DJs" are a dime a dozen in SL. (=_=)

Now, I have a club in Zindra.  Jonesford Heights, to be exact.  Up on the loft is a stream grabber beta that I'm testing.  If you bring your own stream, that device will (should, unless it broke) allow you to take the stream and host a show for as long as you'd like.  No pay.  No fee.  120minute autoreturn, so you can rez your own tipjar. (^_^)

Tinker with the place and see if you can gather a crowd.  Be sure to have a group you can use to send show announcements.  And, best of luck to ya'. (^_^)y



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going to throw this in here as a SL DJ as well as RL Trance DJ (Yes I do my own productions), Finding a job in SL as a DJ without a mic is nearly impossible due to the point of a DJ is to entertain a crowd yes I agree talking in songs is kinda lame but you know what Getting the crowd pumping is good. Saying Keeping RL out of SL and using no voice due to this is kinda weird cause well, you still are there is no personal information given its just a voice no different than talking to someone in the real world. Other than that having no stream is usually no issue if you go for bigger clubs but the first point I made is still there all of them usually require voice. As to what dirty said Its true you are a dime a dozen if you use auto playlist in VDJ (or use SAM) to DJ if you use VDJ use effects if you dont have a table or real mixer make it more of your own work. I would suggest thinking over being a DJ unless you really want to commit to Either A) buying a stream and going for low end clubs that dont require voice or B) Getting a mix using it and applying to bigger clubs Sorry if this sounded harsh but thats the reality of it.

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I understand about not wanting to voice...and I think you are bringing an aspect of your real life into SL when you voice. If that wasnt the case, camming wouldn't be real life either, since no one would be able to tell where you live and the like just by looking at you.

However, when you are DJ, you should want to bring some of your person(nality) into the mix, so you can have a strong connection with your crowd. If you do special mixes, that may make up for not voicing ...to a degree.

When I heard that you don't want your own stream...well having a stream shows committment to your craft. Plus, you have your own control of your stream. Why would you want someone else to have control of that? From the no mic/no stream agrument, what is stopping you from playing your set and then go afk for 2 hours (or whatever the duration of the set is)?

I was going to offer you some work, but I think the club owners would want you to have your own stream :)

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 3799 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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