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Homestead Available  for RENT!

Grab yours NOW!

Interested? Please contact Surreal Chung in-world or teleport to our sales hub in the sim "Surreal Estates".

Land size: 65536 sqm

Prims: 5000

( Price may change, Please do check our Marketplace Ad since this one is always updated. Link below.)


There are also many more reasons to rent from Surreal Estates. Here are some highlights:

** Surreal is a major estate with 250+ sims and 8 years track record
** We own all our sims directly via Linden Lab
** Transactions, rentals and land ownership are guaranteed by Anshe Chung
** We are a real, legal and tax paying business
** Estate manager rights that provide you with full control over the sim
** Do everything a sim owner can do such as ban residents, trigger sim restarts, terraform, re-texture the sim and many more things
** No rules and no covenants to restrict you. This is your sim and your imagination.
** Stand-alone sim: no neighbours and full privacy
** Set your sim to General/Moderate/Adult as you please
** Latest class server hardware
** This is a real sim and not a "virtual sim" or other marketing scheme that you have to share with others
** Automatic real-time sim performance monitoring
** Convenient rental system with L$ and PayPal options, weekly payments, prepay as many weeks you want, automatic notifications, etc
** Hundreds of pre-made terrains to choose from or bring your own
** 20+ different pre-built sims with different themes included, many of which actually allow you to OWN the objects and move, unrez, rerez them etc.
** Full terraforming rights and tools
** Full access to the fast growing Anshe Chung Library with 1000+ high quality meshed items

** True 24/7 fully round the clock in world support whenever you need help
** Experienced technical response team
** No premium account needed
** Lots of exclusive content included that you can not get elsewhere





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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 160 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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