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­čś« I have no idea what a tag is.. but im here to find out why music has stopped playing. All other sounds are good.

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Posted (edited)

I'm not sure that tags have any value or purpose in these forums, so sit doesn't make much difference what they are.  You're OK.  ;)

Now, why did your music stop?  Hmmm...

1. You left the parcel where it was being streamed.

2. You clicked the stop button in the upper right corner of your screen.

3. Voice or some other function is competing with music for your bandwidth.

4. The streaming server that provides the music has stalled, or their ISP (or yours) is really busy.

5. Some other software on your computer has grabbed its attention.

6. Your speakers are unplugged, or the cat has chewed through the wires.

7. The stream provider only broadcasts during a small window of time during the day, and the window just closed.

8. The script in the parcel radio that you are using to listen to music has stalled and needs to be reset.

9. I could keep on going ... without any more details about where the music is, how it's being played, what you have already tried, and a lot of other things, all I can do is guess.

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typos, of course
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