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Hello, I have had a SL account for a long time now but I haven't been on much. Recently I got the firestorm viewer because of the RLV feature. I was simply wondering what fun RLV huds there are for me and my dominant to use?


Any suggestions are allowed, I am not going to limit you to anything. But it could be good to note that it is a Findom/sissy relation but we also do other stuff together.

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There are lots of huds to use or you could just get a collar and wear one and set your Dom as the owner of the collar.

there are findom items out there too if you are into that and want them to be able to deduct lindens from your account if you misbehave.

Its really hard to think of just one or a few at the moment, go explore the mp and type findom or collar or rlv into the search area. It will show you a lot of things.

findom items.

rlv huds


there a few out there that let them control what you can say or how you say it and punish you if you misbehave by either a punishment animation and sound or take away lindens from your account if you like being a pay-pig or fin-sub.


cash cow

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