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We have 1 event a week and it's become something thats to stressfull, I'd like to pay someone to deal with the stress of getting a DJ and Host for 1 event, this is a "G" rated sim for children.  I'm SeeAirAhh Josephina if interested, some minor experience required.

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Still looking and hoping to find someone soon.  I thought I'd write some more info about the position.

Cinderella's Castle would like to have a weekly dance and contest either Saturday or Sunday at 12 PM.  We always have a huge turnout of around 50-60, we want a live DJ and we will have a contest of "Best in Disney" for 500 lindens.

We do have a few people who have DJ'd for us in the past that we can recommend.

What we provide:
- Money for contest
- A super big crowd of people
- Listing of event in Search

What we need from the manager:
- To coordinate with DJ and host
- To have backup DJ and host ready in case

Basically we do not want the stress of dealing with DJ's or hosts that do not show up after a crowd has gathered to see them.

If you have great organizational skills and want a job contact SeeAirAhh Josephina in world.

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