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Looking for a person to join me in my blog 25% profit share

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I am Lee Harrington, I am well known in the BDSM/Gorean community in real life. I came to fame when channel 4 did a documentary on me about 12 years ago. It has almost a million hits on YouTube now. I have started a subscription blog about my life and am including SecondLife footage in it. You will be required to advertise the blog on SecondLife and YouTube as well as making posts about SecondLife and product reviews and advertising my stuff for SecondLife around the BDSM/Gorean Sims. Last time I did a blog it got 10'000 subscribers and it was £5 per month. I gave it up as I lost interest after about 5 years but people have requested I bring it back so I am doing it. I have media interest in the blog from various newspapers and 1 radio station and plan on on doing interviews on podcasts and other chat videos for SecondLife if they want me.

You dont have to be into BDSM/Gorean lifestyle, you just have to have an open mind, you can be male or female but must have a good personallity and be able to talk to people about many subjects which you may or may not have to research. You will be expected to work between 3 and 6 hours a day Monday to Saturday, the times are up to you, I am on UK time but you can just send me a report of what you have done by email if you are in a different time zone.


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Posted (edited)

This person is not the actual Lee Harrington who is well known in the kink community as an educator. Doing a quick google search shows the email address they have listed on their profile to not match the one publicly available on Lee's Facebook.

Also, ICQ? Really. Who the hell uses that?

If this was the actual Lee Harrington there would have been valid contact information that could be confirmed via Lee's website, http://passionandsoul.com/blog/, Facebook, Twitter, etc.


This might be a Lee Harrington. But I find it sketch they didn't include a link to the blog they are supposedly hiring folks for, the supposed youtube video, or anything else that might give an idea of what this person is actually about or trying to do.

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