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From Blender to marvelous Designer 9


Newbie to creating clothes. I have the latest Blender and Marvelous Designer 9.

How do I get a second life Avatar to MD so I can start creating some clothes?

I have the Maitreya Dev kit. When I search tutorials to put I from Blender to MD the tutorials are all old and so don't work with the latest versions.

Would much appreciate the help, a tutorial.. something so I can get on my way to creating.



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There are a number of SL gotchas when I comes to making clothes.

The avatar model for the classic avatar is in the SL wiki. You need to get the Bento version of the avatar that has all the bones you will need to rig to. The Lab's Bento avatar is 'still' for the classic avatar. While it has the bones (armature) you will need it doesn't have the weighting you will need for the various brands of bodies.

You can get Developer Kits from the various body makers. These usually have everything needed for Blender.

AvaStar will save you a lot of headaches. It is setup to work with the various bodies. You still have to get the Dev Kits, but they install easily with AvaStar. I used to do pure Blender design. I gave that up. AvaStar makes it more fun and saves a load time.

I have my articles and tutorials on clothes making here: http://blog.nalates.net/category/second-life/clothes-skins-etc/

A narrow selection on clothes is here: http://blog.nalates.net/tag/clothes/

The most specific, long answer to your question is herehttp://blog.nalates.net/2012/05/20/second-life-mesh-clothes-blender-2-6-setup-2012-tutorial/ - This is a 2012 article. So, the history of clothes making is apparent in updates. Knowing the history can save you some confusion.

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