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took this at my forest.. can't remember the windlight.. something foggy. No post edit and no makeup.. yikes!

To start us out, I rummaged around to find some recent shots that haven't been posted elsewhere. I found these. I was exploring and not paying attention and this animated sculpture scared the carp out

Ok, the final version of this has already been posted on the "How does your avatar look" thread, but I want to help get this rolling, so I'll post before and after shots here. Ordinarily, when I

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I haven't figured out all the new sliders in BD, heck I didn't figure out all of the OLD ones. So this shot is basically just moving all the new WL or is it EEP sliders all over the place. One of about one billion shots! :) What happens if I do this? Move this? Oh crap! No no no.

BTW: The eyebrows here are $L1 on Marketplace from Simple Bloom... they are in fantasy colors and hard to find really narrow "plucked" brows. Appliers and BOM.


ETA: Interesting. Twice now it show the image uploads but then it posts with nada.1878290053_everwinter091620_020.thumb.png.78f6cdf5762dcfbb2111e2dd98583ec4.png


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Totally In the raw! 👀😵
I NEVER use post processing. Ever.
You shouldn't need to unless going for some particular theme.
this could be darkened & post processed a bit via contrast, but.... naaaah.


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