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Singularity Viewer, inworld shots, not cropped or processed outside of Second Life

Post Process Effects: PyFX Vivid V1_001

Advanced Sky: Free's Sunset 

Advanced Water: Default



Post Process Effects: Default

Advanced Sky: [PyFX] night bright

Advanced Water: Phototools Gallery

HOT AIR BALLOON TRIP AT NIGHT1008289064_PyFXnightbrightskyspecialeffectsdefaultwaterphototoolsgallery.thumb.png.f95d70c0310666e5615e6020c7e2c349.png




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The dress I'm wearing is transparent. The ad showed it using underwear. I tried prim lingerie but it cut through the dress. For some reason tattoo appliers didn't show through and so it looked like I was naked (even though if I upskirted myself the undies were still there). I finally put a call out in the group chat for the dress and somebody asked if I was using BOM. "No," was the rather sheepish reply, because I haven't jumped that particular hurdle. Well, this complete stranger IMd me and helped me through the whole process and there were several issues so it wasn't quick. Such a nice thing to do! So for a day I had to quit grumbling about how people are rotten. :/

So this is me in my BOM self. If you look closely at my boob in the closeup you can see the fuschia bra shining through the dress. Hurrah!

These are both raw screenshots except for the signatures.


Empire of Dreaming Books 070320_002 copy.jpg

Empire of Dreaming Books 070320_003signed copy.jpg

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I remember having to go into a photoshop before, if you wanted to get any special effects or lighting or shadows and so on..

But with mesh coming along and the things we've been able to do with the viewers for a few years now..It's just been a joy anytime I would take pictures from a scene and be able to do everything in one place..

I haven't taken any pictures in a little bit, so these have probably been seen before.. I know,I've been lazy about it..

But I enjoyed setting them up and making them..


These two were from 2017



These two were from 2018




2019, I was getting kind of lazy with setting things up and more just taking shots to share different looks with people in certain SL groups..Still fun though.

Hopefully I can find time in 2020,because I really miss setting up shots.. The viewer is in such a good place for that nowadays..



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