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Raw shots getting ready for a ship battle.  My graphics were turned down a bit to make sailing smoother.

This is my alt and evil twin Laura Dallin the pirate.  It's also her ship the Helheim Tigre.  Helheim is the name of a pirate crew and their Raven Flag is flying on the ship.  This was the combined Antiquity fleet so some of the ships in the background are flying different flags.



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took this at my forest.. can't remember the windlight.. something foggy. No post edit and no makeup.. yikes!

To start us out, I rummaged around to find some recent shots that haven't been posted elsewhere. I found these. I was exploring and not paying attention and this animated sculpture scared the carp out

Ok, the final version of this has already been posted on the "How does your avatar look" thread, but I want to help get this rolling, so I'll post before and after shots here. Ordinarily, when I

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Raw shot of a picture I posted earlier on today in the how does your avi look today thread. I’m starting to think (in this case at least for my own pictures) editing can make or break a picture. Maybe I just need to learn how to take better pictures though. Some of the pics on this thread alone are just amazing.


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It's not what you would call a personal "shelfie" cause i am logged in with a friends avatar for photoshooting but since i am the one who is using it atm here you go.

A bit of smudging over the neck area , minor transformation over the bra area to make hair look less floating, extra hair clean up and minor contrast/brightness/saturation adjustments to enhance leather dress and change hair color.


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Sneak Peek, Working on an underwater crystal cave. (Long story but the original underwater region was built and near completion when it was taken down, relocated and it is now beginning all over again!)



thither crystal 062720 in process_001.png

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Landed at Senz. Walked to the water. The moon was there and this is default windlight.

Seconds later everything had detached and I was wearing a black system hair which I didn't recognise, and a dark red skirt which I didn't recognise.

Maybe I was griefed or maybe it was just SL. I hit "wear" on that outfit and everything came back.


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