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Let me start by saying, that if this is the wrong location for this, let me know.. i'm sorry if it is.. i was having difficulties reporting issues

For all this time i've been in SL, i've never EVER had to report issues.

I'm having a LOT of inventory issues, and i have no idea why.

I'm not getting any pop up information or errors.

But i'm having issues attaching or detaching objects.

My skins aren't working correctly either.

If i change outfits, nothing happens.

At first i thought it was cache issues or viewer issues, but i cleared cache.. that didn't fix it, then i reinstalled my preferred viewer.. that didn't fix it, then i removed EVERY viewer i had on my system, that didn't fix it.

I've even tried different viewers, both official and unofficial, and that's not fixing it.

So i'm not sure what the issue is.

I'm at my wits end.

This has been going on for almost a week, and i'm just wondering if it might be server issues?

Let me add, that the reason i think it's a server issue, is because if i by some miracle manage to detach and take everything off, and i go to the pre-made Avatars


Those avatars load in and out without ANY issues. It's my own personal inventory that refuses to work.

That's why i'm thinking it's a server issue.

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I would not claim to have an answer for your inventory issue but to me it sounds as though your best course of action is to either use Live Chat or raise a trouble ticket on the SL support portal (via the web login page) and detail, as far as you can, the problem.  This sounds very muc like some issue with the version of your inventory stored on LL's asset server and if it IS, only LL can help you.  Good Luck!

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Doesn't sound like a server issue to me - many people would be affected if that was the case. Server here is the simulator software. This sounds more like an account/database issue - maybe your inventory is corrupt.

You should really contact support - https://support.secondlife.com/contact-support/ see the "Alternatives to Phone Support" section - if you're premium use the live chat when available (6am-3pm SLT) as that is the fastest.

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Logan is quite correct.  I meant that the issue is (or hopefully was) specific to your account, my mentioning a server was simply pointing to where in SL your inventory is stored.  We say the same, in slightly different ways at much the same moment!

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 174 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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