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LFV Football / Soccer in Second Life

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Here we are! After 10 years when all started in Second Life, we want to celebrate our 10th Birthday of our football project that merged italian and spanish leagues in only 1 football system, LFV HUD system.


Well to be honest we are older than 10 years in Second Life, we used other primitive and bugged football systems, do you remember v-soccer system?


We had a great community in Second Life, we did more than 20 official tournaments during the years, involved people from all countries.


We think to have done the best football system for Second Life ever made since SL exist, and we still proud of that.


In this year we celebrate the 10th birthday of this project, it's a very long period. It's all started with Redlag Mayo and Alistar Snook, and a lot of people that helped to grow up month after month, and we had great times in Second Life grid with our game and tournaments. It's a long list of members: scripters, web developers, staff people in Second Life, referees, club presidents, we want to thank each of you that joined in our community.


You can find us here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blueliner/176/182/2253

Also, we are planning to put other 2 fields working in SL for more users that want to play for free.

There is a welcome area where newbie can take some clothes, and near there is our field with our system, where you can learn how to use the HUD system, and have fun.

You can decide to be a simple player, make a team with your frends, play against other SL users. You can join in our official group: LIGAFUTBOLVIRTUAL.COM

We have also a new website: https://www.ligafutbolvirtual.com where you can find some info, and you can join us. Soon we'll have a forum online where you can directly register from SL on field, keeping SL names, and share with us your ideas.

I hope you can find some fun playing our game.






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Hello (again)!

There will be a soccer tournament in Second Life starting in march, Inworld Football League,  organized by Parallel Universe Productions (www.pupsl.com)

I would like to thank Strawberry Linden to have shared this in Second Life social medias:








Also I am giving to all people interested to visit the stadium the slurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Moka/116/91/3002

The stadium, called IFL Stadium, is property of Parallel Universe Production, made by Gordon Petrovic.

Last, but not least, many thanks to Oz Linden that he came to visit the stadium! I will keep you in loop about the matches!








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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 1279 days.

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