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Looking for ANYTHING, all I need is 100 prims

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I'm looking to rent, and need only 100 prims. Planning to place down two skyboxes from my store. Just need  a small place so people can visit my sky boxes in world.

IM me, Klubbie. Send offers please.

Can do roadside or sky platform.

Will also send my creations as a nice gesture too :) (and obviously lindens)

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47 minutes ago, Ekaterina Visconti said:

Land For sale on Mainland.  L$6144 for 2048 m, 703 Prim

Green grass and even ground, close to open water for those who like to enjoy boats.


Premium account cost: $7.00 US a month if you don''t own other parcels.

promoting your sale while it's not even close to what OP asks is ugly advertising.

just 100 Li
and ..."close" to water is just plain mainland, because it's not even bordering at waterside anywhere.

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