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Is this the end of V1 ?

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Persephone Emerald wrote:

"...The bottom line is V1 is the past and there is no reason why LL should continue to accommodate those unwilling to move forward."

Yes there is actually. The bottom line is called money.  If enough current users can't afford to get a new computer that can handle Viewer 2, then those people will disappear as potential paying customers for Linden Labs. It's that simple. People will generally use the best equiptment they can afford, but many users can't afford nice new computers that will handle Viewer 2.  Many (about half of the users) also prefer TPVs based on Viewer 1, and it doesn't make sense for LL to just thumb their noses at that many users.

I second this post. 

I am currently a Phoenix user and would not want to change that anytime soon even if mesh does come active to the main grid I wouldn't be all that amazed, I watched a preview video on the SL wiki website and all I thought was 'Meh'. If it was requried for me to ditch Phoenix and get on a mesh supported viewer it wouldn't happen.

As for 2.x viewers I sort of like them they are nice viewers and some features are pretty cool but right now on Phoenix viewer I have a great experience I am use to.

I have my graphics on low, shiney on, local lights on and terrain high... I get on average 5 fps, which I know alot of people will be like "OMG THAT IS SO SLOW!" but to be honest it's a speed I'm actually happy with and have used from like 2009 when I started, and my Second Life experience in my eyes is optimal I mean if I was to go on Second Life on a super alienware computer and roam around on ultra at 40fps then I would proberly be like "damn... i want this." But Viewer 2 to me the UI is nice but the performance for me is absolutly aweful! I can't even turn local lights on because it's been dominated by Global Lighting and what not.

Looks like I'm making a deal out of nothing but local lights are an important feature to me and I can enable them in Viewer 1, but not in Viewer 2 because everything is greyed out.



Viewer 2 is nice for those people who can enjoy it and it's full extent but I do not want to spend money upgrading my laptop components just to support Viewer 2 for mesh features and local lights, global lighting, projectors etc.

I get everything I need from Second Life in Phoenix. I have physics enabled, lights enabled and shiny enabled... I can't see glow but like alot of people who can't. We don't care.

Theres still a lot of people who aren't happy with Viewer 2 and would stick to Viewer 1 and if LL think of discontinuing Viewer 1 and related TPV's there will be a lot of unhappy resdients.

There are a lot of residents who are like "yeah move foward, advanced in second life graphically yay" who are sitting on some £800 laptop.

But for the mass of residents who stick to £300 laptops because of their budget would be very unhappy because V2 is an artistic viewer it's a viewer for those residents who have good performanced computers with amazing graphic cards. V1 is for the guys who like simple UI's having things there infront of them and with an easy performance.

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