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Exotic Lace Opening Soon ! Looking For Dancers!

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Exotic Lace Opening soon ! Looking for Dancers& Escorts !

Exotic Lace is a classy New strip club and opening very shortly and will be providing a range of Adult enjoyment within. In doing so this fine establishment is in need of some Talented and high classed Dancers and Escorts to provide the best enjoyment to our Customers! 


  1. Full Mesh Bodies 
  2. More than a 2 weeks Old (Character Age).
  3. Must Be 18 or Over (IRL).
  4. Fluent In English.(Escorts Only)

Interview Process:

The interview process is pretty straight forward. You personally IM me explaining to me which position you are after (Dancer) ,(Dancer/Escort), (Escort) and a few lines written explaining why you are well suited for the position. After I have read, I will follow up with a reply arranging a good time to meet you at Exotic Lace , there we will cover a few bases on your ability to emote. Also I shall run through how the Companies Tip Jars Work. Going from there I will make a decision there and then whether to give you the position or not.

Why to Join us (Perks)!

  • When welcomed to the team at Exotic Lace you will be gifted an Outfit suited for you !
  • The companies Tip Jars are set to 90% take home for all dancers!
  • We care greatly about the well-being of our Dancers/Escorts! 
  • When part of the team you will be invited to the group and given a Role matching your Position.
  • Upon the growth of Exotic Lace and Personal Performance, bonuses and gifted outfits will become available.

Exotic Lace Location : http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Packsaddle/112/177/25

So if this sounds like your ideal position here in SL please consider Applying at Exotic Lace ! I am Looking forward to hearing from you and getting you part of this Growing Team !

Thanks Domm94 (Dom-Owner)






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Added photo's and Location

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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 61 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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