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rezzing question.. and renting question.

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1st question with photos: 

im having a hard time rwzzing. i own a parcel that i bought on the mainland, and as far as I can tell, its mine by the land infomation.. but sometimes i get a "rezzing not allowed by owner" notice. why? lol.. i own it. one moment i can rezz and the next i cant.. its really annoying me. and i have a lovely peice of land too.. so i dont really want to give it up just yet out of pure frustration...


2nd question:

say I do get sick of my land, and decide to sell it, how do I go about this? .. do i click "sell land" first in world? or do i make a post here on the forum FIRST..and then wait for someone to gain intrest..and then and ONLY then do i click "SELL" land?

OR... another option I was thinking of, but I don't know if I can.. so im a premium member.. am I allowed to buy x1 512 size of land.. to live in..and then buy ANOTHER x1 512 block of land, but to rent that one out to anyone who wants to rent? and the rent goes in my pocket.. is that something I can do.. because i'd be within my premium of 1024 space. 




and heres my rezzing issue.




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I'm guessing that the floor of that house is mesh and sometimes things don't rez well on mesh.  Create a new box prim, stretch it to cover the floor and make it fairly skinny. Leave it directly on top of the floor and then set it to transparent.  That will give you a regular prim to rez on top of.  Note that you can have this same rezzing issue if you try to rez on other mesh -- like trying to rez something on a mesh table.  If you have those problems, just rez your item on your new transparent floor and then place it where you want it.

To sell the land, just set it for sale via the Land window -- you don't have to post it here in the forums at all and many folks don't.  Just setting it to sell will have it show on the map in yellow - though it may take a day for the map to update.

Your Premium membership gives you 1024 tier allowance to use however you want.  You can split that between 2 parcels if you want and you can do whatever you want with the parcels, including renting one or both out.


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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 429 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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