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Hiring A Dependable Club Manager - Willin to train you

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Club Tribute is looking for a Club Manager - Willing to train the right person. 


Club Tribute is looking for a dependable & Hard working Club Manager. We are willing to train the right person.

You will have the potential to make up to 1500L's/week. Don't waste my time if it's all about the Lindens. We want someone who also enjoys this kind of work.

- You must be at least a year old in SL. If you not a year old, please do not apply. I don't care about alts, but the avi you work on must be a year old. 

- You must be at least familiar with clubs, and basics of how they are. Prefer a DJ or Host. or someone who does both.

- Understand you will not get full pay until you finish training. Training is finished once the GM decides you are ready.

- Also understand that pay is 1k/week. The other 500 could possibly be added depending on how you do.

- Understand you are not guaranteed your position until you finish training completely.Meaning it could take more than a week. maybe even 2 weeks.

- We are not asking you to be in the club all day every day. But we are asking you be there enough to know whats going on in the club. 

- We are looking for someone who is on SL quite a bit. If you have a busy RL, do not apply. RL is always first but if you know RL gets in the way alot, then dont apply.

The club manager will be doing several things while employed here.......including but not limited to hiring staff, training , terminating when necessary, advertising for hire and event groups, managing sets, staff schedule changes, Filling in as a host or DJ, handling issues with VIP's and staff, basically making sure the club is running smoothly. You will report to the General Manager. 

If you are interested contact Ghostmagicc Resident. You may also respond here with your in-world name. If you dont provide your in-world name, I will not attempt to contact you. 

Look forward to hearing from you.



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You are about to reply to a thread that has been inactive for 115 days.

Please take a moment to consider if this thread is worth bumping.

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