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I have been a member of SL for fourteen years.  Two of my avatars are paying for Premium account and have been on forever.

I have a total of seven avatars and most are for MANY years.

I have been unable to get most of them in since the "new Second Life" appeared.    When i try,  i often ( or usually,)  am told my account is on hold.

I own land in SL and have a huge inventory... and  get a reply to my request to be able to sign in....YOU ACCOUNT IS ON HOLD ... for days at a time is frustrating beyond words.




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Which "new Second Life" are you referring to?  SL has been evolving continuously since Day One, and there have been several spurts of sudden change (like the period in 2006-2007 when flexi, voice, and several other things all appeared).  Still, this is still the same old SL in most ways.  We don't have a New Second Life or a Son Of Second Life.

I suspect that your accounts may be on hold because you have not been paying your annual fees for Premium membership.  You are not quite old enough to have opened those accounts when you could get a lifetime membership, so they would be in arrears big time by now if you haven't been paying the bills.  The best thing you can do is to contact the business office (or at least Live Chat) during working hours and ask them. The billing team is available from 6am to 3pm PST, Monday through Friday. Call toll-free in the US/Canada: 800-294-1067 or 703-286-6277.

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